Food Trucks: Colombo’s

Colombo’s started life as a broken down delivery truck where the North Shore Road meets Centerline Road 27 years ago, and it hasn’t moved since.

Instead of getting repaired or towed, it put down roots and became a tourist favorite.

You can get a hot dog or an ice cream bar at Colombo’s, but you won’t stop there for that. It’s the Smoothies you stop for.

Fresh fruit and ice, dozens of combinations – and if you want to booze it up, the rum is free.

Today, the traditional: Banana, strawberry and mango, for $7.75. Yes, of course we had the free rum.

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  1. So let me get this straight… If my rental jeep breaks down, I’m entitled to just push it onto the side of the road and start running a business out of it? Is this a great island, or what?

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