Lunch of the Week: Etta’s

Etta’s, on the second floor at Marketplace, is an excellent place to sample West Indian cooking in all its spicy, stewing glory.

Here we have the curry chicken, beans and rice, sweet potato stuffing, banana fritters, potato salad and coleslaw, for $10.

And the rib tips, pork ribs cut into bite-sized bones, also served with “the works,” and also $10.

The menu changes during the week. Etta’s friendliness is the same every day.

5 Replies to “Lunch of the Week: Etta’s”

  1. Food looks amazing! Jeff looks like you’re puttin in a pound or two with all these lunches. Just kiddin!

  2. Looks so yummy. Love West Indian food. We will definitely be visiting Ettas when we are there in a couple of weeks. Thanks for featuring this.

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