Here’s why the VI hotel tax is going up

The tax on your next villa rental or hotel room is set to go up from 10 percent to 12.5 percent, an extra $6 million a year for the cash-starved Virgin Islands government.

What will the extra revenue, approved by the senate Wednesday and backed by the governor, be used for?

The new revenues will go to “promote local agriculture, and help finance (public school) sports programs and sports tourism,” the St. John Source reports.

What are your thoughts?

9 Replies to “Here’s why the VI hotel tax is going up”

  1. HAHAHA. How about supporting the infrastructure of existing programs: GERS, fire, senior programs, and a multitude of others which are in danger of closing?
    Oh wait, it will probably be for King Liar Mapp to buy more linens, limos and lunches!!!

  2. Well look at this from today’s Daily News. Gov’t is raising taxes on hotels and times shares and this is how they manage the money that isn’t theirs…

    “How to find out about your return Millions in long-promised tax returns won’t be paid out soon”
    “Although many Virgin Islanders still are waiting for the tens of millions of dollars in tax refunds that the governor’s financial team indicated would be coming after the beginning of the fiscal year – Oct. 1 – it is unclear when they might see their money.”

    “Earlier this month, Office of Management and Budget Director Nellon Bowry told the Senate the government would withhold only $25.5 million in income tax refunds – instead of $35.5 million – and that $10 million would be distributed earlier than the government had planned.”

  3. Oh yeah, that’s how it will be used. This is another opportunity for graft, nothing more. Can the USVI Govt. see Puerto Rico from St. Thomas?

  4. Not in any way apologizing for the ridiculous, embarrassing and downright illegal misappropriation of funds, 12.5% is still lower than the hotel tax in Florida where it ranges from 12-16%!

  5. Yes, it is lower than many places like Florida, but look at what you get in Florida. In Florida the airports work. In Florida crimes get solved. In Florida the tax entities’ systems work (refunds are paid in a timely manner.) When they figure out how to use the money they already get, come see us about needing and getting more.

    Once again, another effort to increase golden egg production by strangling the goose.

  6. The money will be stolen which is why the government is broke now. How about fixing the widespread corruption and making the USVI a more friendly place to visit and conduct business. If tourism dies then where will they get the money? St. John is a beautiful island but it’s not the only one… and unfortunately guests will find other alternatives for vacation.

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