The new “St. John Experience” app

Next time you’re on the passenger ferry, you might notice signs on the back of the seat in front of you for the new “St. John Experience” app.

The app, created by Jason Hubert (of video drone fame), covers a lot of ground. Beaches, restaurants and retail, charters, live music schedules, and push notifications of current happenings.

“My aerial videos and photography are spliced in throughout the app, and my goal is to keep all the information up-to-date.  There will be exclusive deals available to only people who have the app,” Jason says.

The app is free. You can get it here. Check out Jason’s video demo by clicking anywhere below.

2 Replies to “The new “St. John Experience” app”

  1. Possibly helpful to those with smartphones that work easily on “the rock” without extra charges for being outside of their area. I know myself and many others don’t use stateside phones because Verizon and some others may not consider them in the US or grab the signal from the BVI and just wait till you see the bill for that! So, if your phone can do this on StJ, awesome! But be sure you can use data on island first.

  2. Wow how were these able to be stuck on the back of the ferry seats – aren’t they government owned ferries therefore government property ? Are all St John and St Thomas businesses allowed to advertise their individual business by placing their own flyers on the ferry ?

    Maybe the kind folks at on-stjohn could find out the number to call for approval as I have many friends that I have come to know over the 20+ years of visiting that own small businesses on island that would love the opportunity to be able to advertise in that way.

    Thanks for providing any help you can give them guy’s

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