Flying American? Get at the STT airport early. Really early

American Airlines wants its passengers to get to the St. Thomas airport at least three hours before departure.

It sounds like more of a suggestion, than a rule.

But what is American’s new rule is this: As of October 1, the check-in counter at American closes 90 minutes before your departure time. If you haven’t checked your bags by then and received a boarding pass, you’re out of luck, the Virgin Islands Daily News reports.

If you check in online and just have carry-ons it sounds like this doesn’t apply to you.

Oh well. You’ll have time for a couple more of these.


8 Replies to “Flying American? Get at the STT airport early. Really early”

  1. Heaven help anyone from St John who booked an 8:30 am flight. They’ll have to go to St Thomas the night before and stay at a hotel to be at the airport at 5:30. Will there be anyone at AA and Customs to check them in?!!

  2. Companies that forget who pays their bills go out of business. I have not booked my flight for next summer yet. It won’t be with American. Airlines are being investigated for price fixing. I think they need to be broken up.

  3. Still an issue for those leaving St John for the airport for an 8 am flight. The first ferry from Cruz Bay to Red Hook is 6 am. Then the taxi ride from hell to the airport which can take a long time! The first ferry from Cruz Bay to downtown St Thomas is 7:15 am which is a 45 minute ride. Then one has to taxi to the airport. Oops, missed that 8 am flight!! Good luck, y’all come back.

  4. Thanks to AA, looks like we will get to stay in a hotel the night before our 9:00 AM flight. We booked our flights over a month ago, before the new rule. Plenty of time to get to the airport. Called AA, told them my problem, was told that the gate will close 90 min. prior to take off, no exceptions. The biggest problem is the near monopoly that AA has in the VI. Will just have to drink more rum to soothe this over! See you in 25 days!

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