Does Mahi make for good fish n’ chips?

I’m a huge fan of fish and chips, and Mahi Mahi is one of my favorite fishes.

I just don’t think Mahi makes for good fish and chips. But you’ll probably get it that way on St. John.

I get that it can be fresh and local. But Mahi is a dense fish and a bit oily, and it makes the crispy batter soggy from the inside out.

Am I closed-minded? Fish and chips should be Cod.

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  1. Cod is good but haddock is even better. But more important, I agree that the batter should not get soggy.

  2. Crikey! Can’t be makin’ fish n chippies with that Hawaiian fish, guv! It’s bleedin’ criminal it is! Call the coppers and have at ’em! What’s next? Chicken instead of beef in me Shepherd’s Pie? Blimey!

  3. McDonalds used to use a fish that was caught thousands of feet deep for their filet o fish. Now they use something else because they were overfishing that. Only the Brits know how to make really good fish and chips. I used to eat Arthur Treachers all the time as a kid. Their fish was good and their hush puppies were amazing. As a kid I wasn’t aware of different fishes or bad things they might be putting in their foods as a fast food establishment, so I never eat there anymore.

  4. Being from New England I have really only had it with Haddock so I am a bit partial …. did have grouper a few times while in FLA but it was prepared with the traditional batter but still very good. Mahi needs to be done simply … a sprinkle of sea salt and a squeeze of lime and wash it down with a cold beer or two from the bottom of the cooler.

  5. Caribmark-As always, you make us all smile and in this case, laugh out loud!

    Jay-Grouper bites in St. Pete’s Beach, Fl. Outstanding!

    Kevin-I’m with you on the Mahi. Damn, now I’m hankering for some, even if it’s only 8:50 am!

    And, just for fun, a fresh-water fish…Walleye!

  6. Last night I had the fish and chips at Cruz Bay Landing. Made with mahi. Not cod. I’ve got to chime in…delicious. Worked great. And it was fresh local fish not imported frozen from China or Vietnam.

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