Virgin Fire to become a Mexican restaurant

As of June 19, Virgin Fire at Mongoose Junction will become Viva La Revolution Cantina.

The new restaurant has the same, seasoned owners…Michael and Barbie Barry, who also own the Sun Dog Cafe next door.

And, employees will get a 25 percent stake in the restaurant through a profit sharing program.

Viva La Revolution will use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible, including some it produces itself.

“We will be planting a garden with the supervision of Gifft Hill School’s Earth Program to supplement our sourcing, working with the Roller Farm in Coral Bay, our local boat captains and farmers in the US Virgin Islands whenever feasible,” Michael Barry says.

One of the menu items will be called Josephine’s Green Burrito.

A Going Away buffet for Virgin Fire is Saturday June 11 with live music and a $20 buffet price.

Tacos start at $5. The most expensive thing on the menu is $22. Click here for a peek at the Viva La Revolution Cantina menu.

4 Replies to “Virgin Fire to become a Mexican restaurant”

  1. Looking forward to trying this place in July. It will be nice to have an alternative to Disappointing Phil’s.

  2. this sounds great! Will definitely be a regular. I hope they have a few Mexican beers other than Corona, especially Modelo Especial. Modelo on draft is great!

  3. We just got back from our first two week stay. Love that extra week. And we ate at Viva! Loved it. Great food. Michael makes a great guacamole!

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