What we’ve missed

We took a month off. It turns out airplanes go other places! Here’s some of the stuff that we’re told has gone on…

-Ocean Runner bought Low Key Watersports and has new boats

-Sweet Plantains is now Skipper’s Brit Pub (beer garden!)

-X On St. John has closed

-The new Tap Room build-out is almost done

-Ruth at St. John Spice has posted her annual restaurant closing list. (Holy Cow! 16 years Ruth!)

The free Stroopwafel United Airlines is now handing out in coach is the stickiest, sickeningly-sweetest thing you will ever chew on. You will immediately want to brush your sticky teeth. (I had two though.)

13 Replies to “What we’ve missed”

  1. You have been missed!!! Glad you had some time away. My son became addicted to those after finding them in the Republic of Georgia!

    Regarding #3. Is this for good or just that time you were away? I had to be admitted to a treatment center for on-stjohn withdrawal symptoms.

  2. I have to say guys you were sorely missed. Not having our STJ fix was like not having coffee in the morning or to keep with the boozy undertones, not having wine with dinner. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back–as you can see, you’ve been missed. I love stroopwafels. A friend from the Netherlands brought me a pack. Pure gooey sugar.

  4. Coach? I figured with all the supplies and on-going improvements at Bongo Bongo you”ve made over the last few years you’d have couple 100k airline miles for free trips on your credit card by now.

    You are using your card for the purchases – right?

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