Paving part of John Head Road

The North Shore’s infamous John Head Road, a bumpy, rocky, multiple switchback road from Centerline Road to the North Shore Road is getting paved.

At least part of it.

The National Park Service says paving the lower portion of John Head Road will run through October 10 and require its temporary closure to through traffic.

“Paving this portion of the John Head Road will improve driving conditions and greatly reduce water erosion caused by storms,” a NPS announcement says. (Here’s the announcement.)

That road, as gut-jarring as it is, is what’s known as Catherineberg, and is home to some of the nicest villas on St. John, and most definitely some of the nicest views in the Caribbean.

Never tried John Head Road? Come along for the fast-mode ride in this old Jeep Cam.

One Reply to “Paving part of John Head Road”

  1. Oh, YES – my wife and I have taken that road several times over the years, each time after visiting the ruins at Catherineburg. Some amazing villas along that road (a tennis court is visible as you pass one of them…) – clearly lots of $$ spent there, so we’re not surprised to hear that it’s getting paved, even though it takes a little bit of the “fun” out of driving that stretch!

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