Major Wharfside makeover

Wharfside Village is undergoing a major, top-to-bottom and much-needed makeover, including what you see here street side that will soon be home to wine store Island Cork, which is relocating from Mongoose Junction.

Per the annual St. John Spice newsletter, the new owner of Wharfside Village, Joe DeCourcy of Joe’s Rum Hut and Waterfront Bistro, is undertaking the ambitious revitalization project which may take a year to complete.

“With new lighting and landscaping, we expect a higher-end Caribbean elegance in the ambiance and presentation,” St. John Spice Ruth writes.

All existing businesses at Wharfside Village will remain open during the renovations.

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  1. I had to look closely to recognize the location of this picture. Looking forward to seeing the changes in 2018!

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