The church where Lindy played

I love this little church, the Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is right in Cruz Bay, across from Cruz Bay Landing, and the doors are almost always open during the day.

There is also almost always somebody in the chapel, and he is happy to greet you if you just say you wanted to look around.

Here’s a virtual tour of the chapel on the Ceremonies St. John Website.

A lot of people get married in this church, there is a joyful-sounding Sunday service there, and, if you’re a Kenny Chesney fan, you know the song “Lindy.”

“He plays piano at the church when nobody’s watching.” That’s the church.

“He used to sneak in there a lot,” says Ceremonies St. John’s Stacy Mulcare. “I once saw him play at Grumpy’s, where the Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel is now. He was a gifted musician. Always classical music.”

We’re told Lindy was nondenominational and played other church pianos too.

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  1. I once heard a great Lindy story. I don’t know if it’s true or not but here it is. The pastor walked in to the sound of music being played and there was Lindy at the piano, buck naked, with a smoldering cigarette. He was told “you can’t do this in church, Lindy. Put out the cigarette”. Lindy was left to bring joyful noise to the world. RIP gentle soul.

  2. I heard that same story in the late 1980’s. Lindy was a Savant. A gifted piano player who never took lessons. He lived mostly on the streets but occassionally would walk through the Virgin Grand Estates to get to his mothers house on Gift Hill. When we ate downtown, my kids insisted we buy a meal to go for Lindy. He was a scary looking person but very gentle. Yes, RIP Lindy!

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