Taking American to St. John? Here’s your cookie

Airlines are trying. Really they are, with a free something to munch on for the coach class.

Unlike the United Airlines Stroopwafel, the American Airlines Biscoff won’t gum up your teeth.

The chocolate cookie is called “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee.” Depending on how you read that, you might be disappointed. There is no coffee in it. It apparently just goes well with coffee. But it’s a good cookie!

Ask your flight attendant if they’re American Airlines holdovers, or former US Airways. An American Airlines flight attendant will give you two cookies.  A former US Airways flight attendant will just give you former US Airways attitude.



4 Replies to “Taking American to St. John? Here’s your cookie”

  1. Lucky you! Seriously! Biscoffs have been a staple of the Delta snack offerings for years, and I love them. I’ll take a Biscoff over peanuts and pretzels any day.

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