Here’s the new Island Cork

If the air conditioning and the soft classical music isn’t enough to get you in the door, the imported meats and cheeses and walls of wine definitely will.

Island Cork landed a prime street-front corner location for its new store, and proprietor Paul Tsakeres plans to fully exploit that location.

There will be wine tastings, charcuterie plates and tapas, and at the hut just across the courtyard, he’ll be serving rare roast beef and lobster rolls.

But come for the wine Paul is curating. And don’t expect to spend a lot for a great bottle.

“The sweet spot is really the $25 to $30 range,” says Paul. “I’m bringing in a lot of exceptional wines at that price point.”

Pick Paul’s brain too. Tell him what you like, and let him steer you to a bottle or two you’ve probably never tried. And have him put together your own charcuterie selections to take back to the villa.

The addition of Island Cork is part of a major renovation at Wharfside Village. You’ll be impressed.

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