Lifespan of a floatie? About one year

Frontgate’s “World’s Finest Pool Floats” really are great floaties, but even the World’s Finest don’t last long on St. John.

The new ones just arrived, almost exactly a year after the last pair first set sail in the Bongo pool. (The exact color of their predecessors when they arrived a year ago.)

Sun exposure and sunscreen are two of a floatie’s biggest enemies, but, at least at Bongo, so are the resident iguanas, who like to sun themselves on an unattended floatie with their sharp claws ripping into the foam.

Off go the new ones on their inaugural spin around the pool. Enjoy your year in the sun.

2 Replies to “Lifespan of a floatie? About one year”

  1. Merry Christmas guys and a wonderful New Year! Sounds like floaties should be at the top of your Christmas list to Santa each year. Thank you for all your posts…it helps so much to keep us all connected to St.John.

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