The St. John can crusher

This is Model #CG-10-J, a designation we are told is completely without meaning, but that’s the Island Green Living Association’s official can crusher.

It is also just a part of the IGLA’s ambitious efforts to get St. John to recycle more.

The ReSource Depot, at the intersection of Gifft Hill Road and Centerline Road, is where you drop off anything that might have a chance at a second life -paints, construction materials, furniture – (there are two gently used one-year-old pool floaties there right now).

And it’s where the cans you deposit in the green boxes by the dumpsters end up. Thousands and thousands of cans, crushed into bricks, shipped to the states and sold.

Do you like the idea of more recycling on St. John? Go get your credit card.

Island Green has a $30,000 matching challenge to raise another $30,000 by January 1st, with $25,000 yet to go.

Click here to donate.

(Did you not click? Come on. A couple of bucks? This is your money well spent. Go head. Click!)

PS: There still is no glass recycling on St. John. Your favorite soda or beer probably also comes in cans. Consider that choice.

2 Replies to “The St. John can crusher”

  1. This is great news. The more recycling, the better.

    I just returned from my 10th trip to STJ. I love STJ Brewer’s Island Hoppin’ Pale Ale, but it only comes in a bottle. How do we get them to can all their beer? Is it cheaper to use glass?

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