The Bowery: “It’s air conditioned.”

The Bowery, a nice looking little restaurant where Low Key was for years next to the Beach Bar and run by the Beach Bar owners, has been open for about a year now.

We really are horrible restaurant reviewers and still have not been so this is not a review, but there is a very common theme to EVERYBODY we have asked about it.

“It’s air conditioned.” “It’s cold and really dark.” “It’s air conditioned!” “It’s icy cold.”

This is apparently a good thing. It’s also a very unusual thing for a St. John restaurant.

The Bowery also has a very slick website. Hat tip to your web guy.

Check out the menu (looks like small plates – again not a review, but it sounds good.) The Bowery is also air conditioned.

2 Replies to “The Bowery: “It’s air conditioned.””

  1. Wow, the place has been open a year, serves alcohol, AND is air conditioned and yet you guys haven’t been in there? You’re slippin’.

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