Welcome to On-StJohn.com

This blog was updated (almost) daily for 10 years, from January 2007 to January 2017, and while it is now retired, there is a decades’ worth of information and videos here.

Please search around if you’re planning your trip to St. John and looking for some ideas.

Enjoy! –Jeff and Russ, authors.

11 Replies to “Welcome to On-StJohn.com”

  1. Really miss you guys….. what a tease seeing a new post! Used to check daily, now more like weekly. Hope you are enjoying “retirement”!

  2. Ha! This made my day. I came back to look at one of your jeep cams … thanks for keeping it up.

  3. Just wanted to chime in. “Great” job done by you guys over the last decade. You supplied us all with valuable information and great stories about this tiny little island.

  4. Occasionally you wander away from a familiar place, lose touch with familiar faces and almost forget your way back.

    But there is always an inexplicable pull in your heart that brings you back.

    When you get there, and if it’s one of the good places filled with good people, it’s like things have never changed, even if decades have passed and the years have taken their inevitable toll.

    For me, those have been and always will be the places and people of St. John.

    Thanks Jeff and Russ …

    One love always,

    – Kevin

  5. Hit this link out of habit and was so happy to see a post. I miss this site so much. Hope all is well with you guys. Please come back. Please.

  6. Oooh! A sign of life! I hope you guys are enjoying your ‘retirement’
    I still drop by in hopes of updates. I’d like to think you guys are working on your second tree house.

  7. Thanks for keeping this active. It’s a real thrill to scan. And a good resource for future dinner parties and vacations.

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