Soggy Dollar Rum Cake

Look what just showed up on our DC doorstep (yes, we’re up here shivering with you – STJ we’re coming.) Soggy Dollar Rum Cake. A four-pack no less. Nilla Killa, Coconut, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Pecan Streusel. “A sunny treat for shady people.” Thanks Tish and Jerry. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. You’ll have to

Soggy Dollar: Coming to a city near you

The Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost van Dyke hits the road with its Painkiller Mobile, a party truck that begins roaming the roads of America this week. First stop: Monday at the Washington Nationals season opener at Nat’s Park in D.C. Check out details at Soggy’s Facebook page. 564 likes already.

Soggy Dollar Painkiller in T+L

Caribbean Travel and Life’s December issue has a little photo spread and column about the Soggy Dollar Painkiller (a cinnamon stick?) You’ll probably recognize bartender Mic. T+L says the Painkiller recipe on its Website is visited more than its entire BVI online guide. Check out the one page spread here.

The Soggy-Cam

The Soggy Dollar Bar would like you to visit every day, but since that is unrealistic, owner Jerry O’Connell will settle for a daily cyber-visit. The Soggy Dollar has a brand new Webcam. “With so many of our fans and visitors living elsewhere, we wanted to have them able to experience the beauty of White …