Pond Bay plans revealed March 31

A Kansas City developer will outline plans for the Pond Bay Club at the Estate Chocolate Hole’s annual meeting March 31.

Developer Dan Lowe, who has been living with his family in the Virgin Islands for several months a year since 2013, will present his idea for the long-stalled Chocolate Hole project, though few details are currently known.

Lowe has a successful track record of taking over bankrupt projects according to the Kansas City Business Journal, and had been looking for a VI project for the last couple of years.

He’s also survived four liver transplants, so DPNR, CMZ and ECHALA won’t be his biggest ever challenges.

You can read a profile of Dan Lowe here.

Here’s a video tour we took of Pond Bay in 2009, back when construction was rocking…

Our newest advertiser: The Chef’s villa

Carmel by the Sea” is a new one-bedroom vacation rental with pool and private garden courtyard overlooking Fish Bay, and it was cooked up by Ted Robinson, one of St. John’s most popular private chefs.

It’s gorgeous. Check out some pictures at the Carmel by the Sea VRBO page here.

A big bonus? Booking possible for your own private chef-prepared breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’re new to On-StJohn.com, meet Chef Ted and learn about Ted’s Supper Club, below…

A canoe, from Hawaii to St. John

The Polynesian Voyaging Society’s traditional, double-hulled voyaging canoe Hokule’a is making a worldwide voyage that started in Honolulu in 2014, and its next stop is St. John.

Hokule’a, and its companion monohull motor sailor Gershon II, are currently in Natal, Brazil and depart on their voyage to St. John on or about February 10, weather permitting. At 5 knots per hour, Hokule’a expects to make it to St. John by March 1.

They have no GPS, no compass, no cellphone, not even a watch or a toilet. It’s called “wayfinding,” using the sun, moon and stars as their map.

On board is Heidi Kai Guth, born in Hawaii, but raised on St. John, who is now the chief operating officer of the nonprofit Polynesian Voyaging Society.

It is really quite a story. Check out the voyage map and details here, and learn the history and the story by watching this video.

Musicians love requests

“Smoke on the Water” is one of the first riffs aspiring guitar players learn, and Deep Purple was among this year’s inductees into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame.

So we asked “Skunky Ron” if he’d play us his version of SOTW. For five bucks, most musicians will play whatever you want. Skunky Ron, a former nurse from Arizona who’s playing St. Thomas venues, should definitely be playing on St. John.

Here’s his contact info St. John bar owners. And here’s his SOTW riff….

The Marine Traffic website

We stumbled on this website when we were searching for information on the Steve Jobs yacht Venus, which we spotted several times around St. John.

MarineTraffic.com posts real time locations, vessel details, speed and destination for registered boats and ships. Just click on a boat on the map and details pop up.

Steve Jobs died before Venus, also dubbed the iYatch, was finished. Quite the boat.

Skip ahead to 2:08 in the video….

The Dock is open

Wednesday was the first day for The Dock, next to High Tide.

Breakfast in the morning, sushi at night, and mostly sandwiches for lunch (though we did get a special Kung Pao beef and sweet and sour chicken.)

In the kitchen you’ll find sushi chef Larry Parnell,from the old Zero Sushi.

Check out our interview with Larry from 2012, and learn a little about the art of sushi making…

General II is back

General II returned to the St. Thomas – St. John barge route earlier this summer.

This 30 second time lapse is from 2008, when there were four barges running…

St. John Brewers, now in cans

No glass at the beach, but cans are okay.

St. John Brewers has just released “Island Summer Ale” in cans. An acceptable adult beverage for the beach, a boat, or poolside.

St. John Brewers also just re-released “Liquid Sunshine,” a Belgian Ale that’s part of their small batch seasonal series, a follow up to this year’s “Pale Tourist” ale. It’ll be available for about six months.

As for the new Tap Room at Mongoose Junction, destroyed by fire earlier this year, the plans are to reopen in early 2016. The temporary Tap Room is a fine place in the meantime.

Don’t know the St. John Brewers story? Check our our video with Kevin and Cheech from a couple of years ago…