Mr. Blair, tear down this wall!

Instead of all this war stuff, Bush and Tony Blair should be working out some kind of treaty between the USVIs and the BVIs because the thing about going to the BVIs is that it is kind of a hassle. You’re basically going to England and all, but a five mile boat ride to another island shouldn’t involve jumping through all those Customs hoops. Checking in over there requires some time. Sometimes a lot of time. And you technically have 24 hours to check back in to America after you return, and Customs in Cruz Bay is like the Brandenburg Gate! BTW, don’t forget to write down BVI on your Customs form at the airport under other places you visited. There’s a stamp in your passport, and an on-the-ball Customs agent might just notice that.

Is it worth the hassle?

Villa video: Perelandra

A note about villa videos. If there’s a video, it means we know the house. Full disclosure: These are paid adverisements, but the comments below are our own.

Welcome our newest advertiser! Perelandra is a very cool, very nicely appointed two bedroom villa overlooking Cruz Bay and Pillsbury Sound. Here’s where it is: Straight up Jacob’s ladder, take a left at the top of the hill, go past Serendip and look for the rock sign at the end of the driveway. Great views, great sunsets, nice pool, well cared for, pretty darn private, and it has the biggest fan palm we’ve ever seen! If you’re honeymooners, or one or two couples, and you want to be close to town, Perelandra would be an excellent choice. Watch the video here!

Cool, cool, cool Website

We got to this link thanks to a posting from “bobcside ” on the usvi-on-line forum. Travelistic is a COOL site loaded with travel videos, and its new, weekly show is called The Map. It is hosted by Liza DeGuia, who is hot. No, she is hawt. She came to The Map from Plum TV (a start-up that does local TV programming aimed at rich people in places like The Hamptons and Aspen.) And

Beach Break: Little Cinnamon

Introducing a new, occasional On-StJohn feature: Beach Break. There is absolutely no worthwhile editorial content to this feature. Just a video showcase of some of our favorite beaches. A minute or so of beach video. Sometimes stagnant shots. Sometimes we’ll get fancy and mix it up a bit. But otherwise just mindless Website entries. Our first Beach Break is Little Cinnamon Beach on a shady late afternoon. Even in high season, this is one of those beaches you may be lucky enough to have entirely to yourself.

Food critic signs on-StJohn

Meet Charlie Joseph, On-StJohn’s new restaurant reviewer. Charlie calls it like he sees it and we’re lucky we found somebody up to the assignment. Eating out on St. John ain’t cheap, and we think the restaurant scene can use a little honest assessment. Charlie agrees; there are a few real standouts, a lot of decent joints and a couple of serious pretenders. So Charlie will jump on the ferry from time to time and give us his take on the new, the established and the undiscovered. Charlie’s doing his homework on a new place or two right now, and we hope to hear from him soon. But we warn you, he’s not all warm and fuzzy fluff.

Video Alert: Beach Break! A new, hump-day feature. Watch a beach. Yup. That’s it. Watch a beach. You know you will. (Hey, I can’t be the Anderson Cooper of St. John every day!)

Food flight, and Detroit flight

Ya know, nobody really NEEDS a meal on a 3 hour flight, but it is a definite marker of time. It’s an event, and it helps your mind parcel out the time in stages. Beverage cart. Meal service. Movie. Sky Mall. Bathroom break. More Sky Mall. Time to land.

Cruise Bay

St. Thomas isn’t the only port of call for cruise ships. Some also call on Cruz Bay. They anchor offshore and passengers are tendered in to town. But now, they’re coming right in to town. At least this one. That’s the Spirit of Nantucket. The newest addition to the fleet for a Seattle-based cruise line that specializes in smaller ships called Cruise West. It (I mean “she “) is small by cruise ship standards. The 207 foot ship carries 102 passengers and cruises the Caribbean from December through February. And she backed right in to the old barge dock in downtown Cruz Bay. Hmmm. Wasn’t the future use of that dock still in the planning stages? Maybe she’s just double parked for a minute. Learn more about Cruise West here.