Mollydooker at St. John Market

Our favorite wines are on the shelf at St. John Gourmet Market, across from the Westin.

The Mollydookers are right next to the Prisoner, another good wine.

St. John Market has a wide variety of wines, and a wide variety of prices, but most prices are quite reasonable, sometimes cheaper than stateside.

The Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy is priced a little aggressively for retail though…

Live (and early) music at Viva Cantina

Viva Cantina will mark its 6th month anniversary next month, and it has become a hot spot for local bands.

And the shows are generally early evening. Good for old folks like us.

Viva Cantina is owned by Michael and Barbie Barry, who also own the Sun Dog Cafe next door. They switched to the Mexican name and menu in June after a run as Virgin Fire restaurant.

Sun Dog Cafe is also marking its 20th anniversary this year. That’s a good run for a St. John restaurant!

Bongo Risotto

Making risotto is one way to stand and stare at your view for a long time. All you do is stand and stir. (And stare.)

Saute’ and stir and stir…..

First apology: Some super-high sodium boxed broth…

Second apology: Pre-grated Parmesan cheese. (It’s very good, actually…)

Bongo Risotto with steak. And roasted garlic.

Basura. Basura everywhere

The sign at the Chocolate Hole dumpster says Stop Leaving Trash on the Ground!!! And No Deje Basura en el Suelo!!!

The sign is not working.

Here we have a washing machine, a television, a mini frig, a dresser and nightstand, a chair, two grills, various screens, lumber and roofing and a toilet.

I wonder who actually does end up hauling this kind of stuff away.

St. John cable is better

One of our calls to Carefree Getaways last week was “Where’s our cable box?”

Innovative Cable has been rolling out new digital boxes for the last year or so and we finally got one. It’s tiny. (That little black box on top is it.)

Picture quality is a lot better and there are more true HD channels. But why are you watching cable on vacation?

(That’s also yet another new receiver. It is the third time we’ve replaced a receiver in 10 years, four of them in total now. Add receivers to the list of things the St. John environment eats.)

New use for old First Bank

The old First Bank in Cruz Bay is now a souvenir store called Secret Treasures, at least for now I would suspect.

It’s got shirts, luggage and shot glasses. Lots and lots of shot glasses.

Long-term plans for that prime piece of real estate are probably still in the works.

The bank’s gravel parking lot in the back that was converted into public parking is also now closed. The sign says “Closed for Season.”


I remember this!

Ahhh…yes. Nice to be back.

A little rain – a lot of it actually this week – can’t ruin a sunset.

It’s nice to be back Bongo Bongo. And it’s nice to be back OSJ blog.  It’s got a few more breaths left.

(Thanks for all the great the emails asking after us. Stop sending the ones telling us how this has become a horrible website. No advertiser has paid us in a year and no reader pays a subscription for this website. We’ve been at this for over 9-and-a-half years; an eternity for an old-fashioned blog.We’re old now. After a decade, don’t ruin what fun is left.)

What people on St. John never have to remember to do

You just set your clock back an hour, and in six months you’ll set it back ahead.

This is not something people on St. John have to remember. It is always Atlantic Standard Time in the Virgin islands.

The change for you does mean it’ll take an hour longer to get there on your next trip, at least according to your watch.