Jeep Cam: Great Cruz Bay Road

If you’re staying at a villa on Great Cruz Bay Road, you’re staying in a very nice neighborhood.

We’ll take you as far as the curve just before Maria Bluff and trespass on a private parking pad to take in the view.

Where have you stayed on Great Cruz Bay Road? Relive your drive home, below…

Skinny Legs: chips, no fries

You rarely read a complaint about Skinny Legs, but every now and then someone gripes about not getting fries with their burger.

Instead, you get potato chips.

Doug Bean, who took over ownership of Skinny Legs last year after working there for 12 years, dispels the rumor it’s because they don’t have room for a frier.

“We’ve got plenty of room for a frier. A frier is only this big (12 inch gesture),” Doug tells us.

“What we don’t have room for is the freezer storage space we’d need for all the french fries we’d go through.”

Doug says when it’s busy, they serve as many as 300 lunches a day.

Doug came to St. John from Oregon in 1999 with $1,000 in his pocket and planned to stay for just a year.

“I’d never even heard of St. John until the day before I bought the ticket,” he says.

St. John Vistas: Hummingbirds

Did you know hummingbirds are only found in North and South America and the Caribbean?

A St. John native is the Antillean Crested hummingbird, with their metallic blue/green heads, found only in the Eastern Caribbean. These guys love nectar.

Watch them go after the big pink powder puff blossoms of a Calliandra bush in Chocolate Hole, below…

Wicked Juice: juice bar, tacos, crepes and more

Meet Richard, owner of the new Wicked Juice Bar in the old taco stand at Wharfside Village.

Richard, who also runs the scooter rental business at Wharfside, opened Wicked Juice Bar a few weeks ago, and, in addition to healthier juice drinks like watermelon, pineapple, beet and celery, he’s also got an eclectic lunch and dinner menu.

“Tacos, empanadas, egg rolls, crepes, doughnuts, we make it all here,” says Richard, who says he got tired of the rat race and moved from California to St. John 11 years ago.

Wicked Juice Bar also plans to start serving espresso in the morning.

Right now: Lunch 12 p.m. to 2 p.m and dinner 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Prices about $3.50 to $8.50.

Whales put on a show

Visitors from Massachusetts got a treat last week toward the end of their day on the water with Palm Tree Charters. An up close encounter with a couple of whales.

“I was out with the Mitchell family from Topsfield, Mass. on our way back from Jost Van Dyke, about half way between St. John and Jost around 4 in the afternoon,” says Capt. John Brandi.

“They were Humpback whales. They come down to the warm tropical waters from the North Atlantic in the winter to breed.”

It’s true….

Our 8 Tuff Miles hero

Every one of the hundreds of runners in Saturday’s 8 Tuff Miles had cheerleaders, and our cheers were going out for our friend Lynn Chill.

Lynn finished #12 in her age group and #154 overall among females, with a time of 1 hour, 29 minutes and 12 seconds.

Great job Lynn!

You can see race results here.

A tough return home

Clinton Redding’s shock back to reality, returning home to  freezing McAlester, Oklahoma after a sunny break on St. John this week.

Cafe Livin’ goes a little upscale

A brand new pergola shades the seating area at the tiny, but popular Cafe Livin’, next to High Tide in Cruz Bay.

And there is more to come. New tables and chairs are on the way, and owners Bill and Olivia plan an evening wine bar and tapas menu, to start in a couple of weeks.

“We’ll have all sorts of tapas,” says Olivia, “everything from duck wings to octopus. Bill has wanted to do this for a long time.”

Bill is an accomplished chef and anxious to get back to more upscale cooking.

Don’t worry. Cafe Livin’ plans no changes to its fast, affordable and hearty breakfast and lunch menus. Nice people. Check it out next visit.

St. John Rainbows

Here’s a rainbow on the North Shore, from Pennsylvania visitor Carol.

And here’s a double rainbow from Reef Madness in Coral Bay from Marylander Randy.

And another Reef Madness rainbow.

And a Trunk Bay rainbow from Illinois visitors Grant and Shirley, timed just right for their 25th anniversary vows.

And Lee, from Alabama, sends us a rainbow from Rock Ridge Road in Chocolate Hole.

And Seth, from Ohio, snapped this rainbow from Chateau Bordeaux.

And Todd, from Texas, must have been right behind Seth that day.

Thanks for the photos. We’ll post more rainbows later!